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AUDITS OF EXISTING HYDRO MECHANICAL DESCALING SYSTEMS IN HOT ROLLING MILLS AS A METHOD TO ENHANCE PRODUCT QUALITY Jürgen W. Frick Lechler D-72555 Metzingen / Germany E-mail : [email protected] Abstract : Over the life span of a rolling mill the requirements in terms of product quality and the range of steel grades may change significantly.

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For decades we've helped hot rolling mills around the world improve steel quality, reduce downtime and operating costs, and use less water. We have experience working with all types of steel, including advanced high-strength steel, to improve oxide dust suppression and descaling while preventing roll cracking and other problems.


S MIE AG Hot Flat Rolling Mills 2 SMS Siemag does not treat descaling as an isolated measure but as an integral part of the process chain from continuous casting through hot and cold rolling up to final strip processing. Strips with an excellent surface quality can be produced only if well-tuned measures are taken in all process steps.

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Descaling is a key process of hot rolling, especially when a good surface quality of the hot rolled products is demanded. Many studies have been made on the descaling technique of the hot strip mill (HSM) process (1-3). The key descaling parameters include the facility, the descaling performance and the descaling conditions (Figure 1).

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Descaling nozzles for every hot rolling mill From primary descaling behind the reheating furnace to mill descaling in roughing mills up to descaling prior to the finishing mill, Lechler offers the right product for the application. This goes also for plate mills, narrow and wide hot strip mills as well as for bar, wire and structural mills.

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Descaling Steel hydromechanically With KAMAT high-pressure pump systems, slabs and billets in rolling mills can be efficiently descaled hydromechanically. With the annealing of steel, oxygen reacts with iron on the hot metal surface. Iron oxides, so-called scale, arise. This has to be removed, for example in case of steel slabs or billets ...

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Jun 19, 2011· The red hot steel slab is manipulated into position first, then blast by high pressure water jets to descale the surface The slab then passed through the mil...

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The mechanical design calculations and features of a modern high-pressure descaler systems at Dofasco No. 2 hot mill to effectively remove the types of scale that grow during hot rolling ...

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The present invention provides a descaling system for hot strip or plate mills. The descaling system includes upper and lower spray headers which are offset from each other along the pass line. Each spray header is adapted to direct a high-pressure water spray on the metal product to descale the upper or lower surface thereof. The upper and lower spray headers are offset at a distance greater ...

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Owen, R. J., Porretta, S., Grosvenor, Roger Ivor and Prickett, Paul William 2009. Upgrading the Descaling System in a Hot Rolling Mill - A Practical Method for Quantifying the Descaling Systems Reliability. Presented at: 5th European Rolling Conference, The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, London, UK,

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Hot Rolling Mill Other Applications DNX Descaling Nozzles Features Shapes & dimensions Higher impact force and deeper erosion for more efficient scale removal. Lower water consumption with the same impact of existing descaling nozzles. Sharper spray edge definition for optimized descaling perfor-mance. Maximum working pressure 25 MPa n n n 150 ...

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Hot Rolling Mills. 51/154. Processes & technologies; Technological packages; DESCALE-MASTER. High-pressure water descaler. BENEFITS. Total descaling solutions for the entire rolling mill ; Optimized and right-sized pumping stations ; Designed to …

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The rolling in of the scale also increases roll wear with reduced roll life. Therefore the slabs must have this oxide layer removed before rolling in the mill stand. This scale removal is undertaken in the Primary Descaling Unit which is located immediately downstream from the reheat furnace and before the rolling mill stand. PRIMARY DESCALING

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Apparatus for descaling hot strip in a rolling mill DEC2 (en) * : : Hermetik Hydraulik Ab: Device for descaling semi-finished products DEA1 (en) * : : Sms Demag Ag: Descaling process for a metal strip and descaling arrangement corresponding to it

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Wherever you look, seamless steel tubes are an integral part of modern life. Today, the oil and gas industry, the construction and mechanical engineering industries, and automotive manufacturers demand ever better tubes made of higher steel grades, with closer tolerances and new dimensions.

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Drives and automation systems for steelmaking, furnaces, casters, hot and cold rolling mills, profile rolling mills, process lines, as well as complete mini mill electrical systems including turnkey supply of electrical powerdistribution systems. Switches, breakers, relays, switchgear, power distribution substations, static VAR and STATCOM systems.

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When hot rolling steel in the laboratory, using relatively small rolling mills, values of 4–20 kW/m 2 K appear to be the correct magnitudes. If modelling hot rolling of steel under industrial conditions, values of 50–120 kW/m 2 K are more useful. In both cases, the layer of scale is an important parameter.


Descaling System For Hot Rolling Mill. Descaling Pump. Centrifugal Blower. CNG Compressor. Composite Rolls. Boiler Feed Pump. BB-Series Centrifugal Pump. BackUp Rolls. 4 Roll Mills. Vertically Suspended Pumps. Multi-Stage Centrifugal Pumps. Non Roll Products. Rolling Mill Rolls.

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High Pressure Descaling with Ancillary Units Customer: Böhler Bleche . To increase the descaling effect a new high pressure descaling unit was installed. Buma made the whole engineering. This contains: / High pressure descaling …

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Sep 08, 2017· Mechanical Processes for Descaling of Steel. satyendra; September 8, 2017; 0 Comments ; abrasives, dry process, Mechanical descaling, Reverse bending, shot blasting, wet process,; Mechanical Processes for Descaling of Steel. Scale is the product of oxidation which takes place during hot rolling.

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May 13, 2016· Hauhinco has been contracted by a customer to engineer a descaling system for a new rolling mill for stainless steel panels. The new descaling system should reach the best power and …

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Jun 01, 2016· Descaling: Audits of existing hydro-mechanical descaling systems in hot rolling mills as a method to enhance product quality Contribution paper for The Iron & Steel Technology Conference and Exposition 2005, Charlotte N.C., USA – 05/2005

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atmosphere and the exposure time. There are two kinds of scales relevant in rolling mills – sticky and dry scales. Sticky scales can be removed most effectively by use of high pressure water jets upto 450 bar. Dry scales can be removed from the surface by application of descaling systems with low distances of the descaling nozzle to the material.

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UTPSL provide High Pressure Descaling System for removal of scale from hot metal before rolling in steel plants.Descaling Systems can be designed for Billet,Slab,Plate,Bloom Forging, Seamless Pipe,Profiles etc for Primary descaling

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High Pressure Descaling with Ancillary Units Customer: Böhler Bleche . To increase the descaling effect a new high pressure descaling unit was installed. Buma made the whole engineering. This contains: / High pressure descaling / Lifting roller table / Chain seesaw